There are many great hotels, hostels, to choose from.

It will be up to you, to book your preferred accommodation, since it isn’t included in our package.

Below you can find our suggestions  in a variety of price brackets.

To minimise stress getting to all of the locations, we would suggest that all participants stay in the same part of the city. You can see the area on the map below. This area has very good travel connections and is close to galleries, museums, restaurants and sites.

The area is called  ‘Mitte’,  and was the city centre of East Berlin as it once was.
All of the accommodation suggestions are within this area.

You can, of course, choose to stay elsewhere, however we recommend that you stay in Mitte for your comfort and convenience.

*Please be aware that Drawing in the City does not accept any responsibility for hotel or travel bookings. These will be entirely between you and your chosen hotel or tour operator.




Hostel with private rooms:



There are two airports in Berlin:

Berlin Flughafen Schönefeld (SXF)

Berlin Flughafen Tegel (TXL)


Trains from the airport into the city won’t cost more than €3,40 p.p

Please get in touch for all the info.