Past DITC Courses


“That was a trip I will always remember for the great laughs we had, some successful sketching and most of all bonding as a group with one purpose. It really empowers me to do my best when I’m with other artists and we were also blessed with beautiful weather.” Kay C.

“A million thanks for a super duper course. I hope you realise just how much I enjoyed it and of course how much I learnt. The whole experience was everything it promised to be” Margaret F.

“DITC provided a truly unforgettable experience. We went to locations, pre-selected by our hosts, Rosie and Jessica, to offer great opportunities for sketching and photography including Museum Island, Oberbaumbrücke, Gallery East (the Wall), Gendarmenmarkt. We visited galleries to see some of the best in contemporary art, eg. Erwin Wurm whose over-sized, narrow house was both hilarious and thought-provoking, Gert and Uwe Tobias, Anke Röhrscheid, Silke Grossman (photography) and many more. Each evening we went to a restaurant chosen by Jessica – Italian, Turkish, Vietnamese – my favourite was probably the German restaurant where I had delicate white asparagus spears while we watched couples dance the Argentine tango!  Every minute of every day was packed full of interest and experiences. All-in- all these were four amazing days. I’d thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone wanting to enjoy drawing and / or photography with expert advice and guidance always on hand from Rosie (drawing) and Jessica (photography) in a wonderful urban environment.”  Pamela G.


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